Monday, August 13, 2007

Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book description:

Ever since the moment his godhood was taken by Artemis, Sin has done nothing but plot his revenge. But when he kidnaps a woman he believes to be the goddess, he quickly finds out that she is not Artemis, but her servant, Katra. And instead of capturing her, Katra captures him. She refuses to release him until he promises not to seek vengeance on her mistress. In spite of himself, Sin is intrigued by Katra, who is nothing like the deceitful Artemis. She's fierce and true, but also compassionate and loyal. However, Sin is not the only enemy Artemis has and it quickly becomes apparent that he must help Katra save her mistress... or life as we know it will cease to exist. What's an ex-god to do?

I had virtually no expectations going into this book. Zero. After the last two books (The Dream Hunter being one), I really didn't have much hope that Kenyon could bring the series back from what I saw as its' ruin. Don't get me wrong, I still would have read the series through to the bitter end. I guess I have held out hope that she would make me love the series as I loved it after reading the first 4 or 5 books.

Onto my review.

What did I love most about this book? Any doubts I had over Artemis being Ash's heroine were laid to rest. THANK GAWD. There is no way in hell that Kenyon will pair these two characters together. There is too much history between the two of them. Way too much. Eleven thousand years is a lot of time. Especially when Artemis screwed Ash over so many times. Holly and I have had a long running discussion on Satara being Ash's heroine. I flopped back and forth, thinking that it could be possible, but also thinking that Kenyon would try to pull off the impossible (and alienate her readers) by putting Ash and Artemis together. I think that Satara is going to be his heroine (I'll probably change my mind before his book is out, though). He's not going to get his HEA very easily and pairing him with Tory (from The Dream Hunter) would be waaaay too easy. He needs someone that is as jaded as he is.

Okay, onto the review. *g*

After Artemis took his godhood from him, Sin has vowed to himself that he would kill her. Kidnapping a woman who he believes in Artemis, he feels triumph that he will finally have his revenge. He soon realizes that it's not Artemis he has taken, but her daughter. Though he fights it at first, Sin finds himself attracted to the daughter of the person he despises more than anyone else. When Kat offers her help in his battle against the gallu demons, Sin can't turn her down, especially when she freely offers him the knowledge that would kill her.

Kat has been cloistered by both her mother and her grandmother for as long as she can remember. Considering that she's about eleven thousand years old, you have to wonder how far back she can remember. There was one scene where she was "showing" Ash how Artemis was as a mother. She was about 7 in the flashback. I was wondering how she can remember back 10,993 years ago. Anyway, Artemis sends Kat to kill Sin. Though she doesn't blindly follow her mother's wishes, after she sees Sin fight some demons and then cut off their heads along with the head of their human victim, Kat thinks her mother may be right in this case. What she doesn't count on is her resemblence to Artemis and Sin's hatred for her.

Eventually Kat talks Sin into accepting her help in his fight against the gallu demons. Of course this is another time where this is the end of the world if they don't [insert whatever they have to do to save the world here]. I wasn't as interested in the fight with the demons as I was in the Ash/Kat interactions. Or the Ash/Artemis interactions. Obviously Sin and Kat saved the day. Kenyon also introduced a few new characters. Xypher, who is a Dream Hunter will have his book in February. That should be good. Xypher is majorly tortured. Like Zarek-type torture. Also, Sin's brother who died, but was brought back to life by Ash.

As in the last few DH books, the world of the Dark Hunters has gotten way too complex. I miss the days of Night Pleasures and Night Embrace. While it was complex at that point, it was still manageable. Now when I think about about Atlanteans and Dark Hunters and Dream Hunters and demons and Damions, it's enough to give me a headache. That doesn't mean that I didn't like this book, because I did. After the last DH book (which all I can remember is the guy being some kind of cat and the girl being allergic), I was extremely happy with DMC. I'm a diehard Kenyon fan. Maybe after Ash's book comes out, I won't be so gung-ho on reading these books.

So this isn't much of a review, other than to say read the book. I can't even put my thoughts together on it because they seem so disjointed. I would recommend you read this, even if you've given up on the series. *ahem*

4 out of 5 stars.


Holly said...

I would recommend you read this, even if you've given up on the series. *ahem*

You only say that because you want to see if I'll change my mind about that Satara/Ash thing after I read it. Even though I haven't, I'm still saying she is.

And ahh, sweet vindication. I TOLD you Kat was Ash's daughter. lol

K, sent it and I'll read it, but I'm not promising I'll like it. :P

nath said...

for some reason, I can't remember who Satara is at the moment... and seriously, I don't want a human to be Ash's heroine.

LOL :P I'm happy you liked it!

Holly said...

Satara is Stryker's sister. We first met her in Dark Side of the Moon. Ever since we were introduced to her, I said she would be Ash's heroine. Casee and I have been arguing it back and forth ever since...She's on the fence, but I say I'm right. :)

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

Satara as Ash's heroine?!?! *gasping in horror* I SOOOOOOOOO hope not!

Plus, unless I'm forgetting something from another book - isn't there speculation that Ash & Stryker are related? If so, wouldn't that make Stryker's sister a relation too? Hmmmm... now I can't remember if anything else was revealed about the connection. But I REALLY don't think Satara is going to be Ash's... she's a total WENCH!

Rosie said...

I have this. Usually I try to read her new ones right away, but this is sitting. I've read a couple of favorable reviews so I'm feeling better about picking it up now.

nath said...

Holly, she's a Daimon right? and she's been sleeping with NICK! I'm saying NOOOO LOL :P I don't know about this... there's some ppl that venture that Ash's heroine is some dream-hunter.... anyway, I just can't imagine Ash's heroine... but that will make or tank the series, that's for sure!

Casee said...

While I was reading DMC, I thought it was possible that Kytara was his heroine. Now we know that's not the case. Then again, anything can happen I suppose.

Nath, I really really hope that Ash's heroine isn't human. That's why I don't want Tory to be his heroine. Yeah, she was spunky and likeable, but she wasn't Ash heroine material.

Ange, that's what I said at first. Then the idea grew on me. Holly has been saying it for years, so I've been able to get used to the idea. LOL

Holly, I'm sure you're right. But I'm still staying on the fence. LOL.

Rosie, definitely pick it up. It'll be worth it. :)

Holly said...

I'd have to do a re-read (something I'm not willing to do at this point) to really make educated arguments in favor of my pick for his heroine, but off the top of my head...

No, Ash and Stryker aren't related, I don't think. It's all twisted and convoluted and whatever, but IIRC, no, there's no relation.

Speculation is that what's-her-face the daimon goddess (the Destoryer) is Ash's mother and Stryker is also her son, but Stryker wasn't really, I think. She just said that...Like, Ash was stolen from her, so she stole Stryker thinking it was Ash and raised him as her own, but he's not in fact blood. Stryker would be Ash's step-brother (through adoption? LOL) in that case.

Also, years ago, before I stopped reading the series, SK gave us some hints about Ash's heroine and Satara fits. Plus, I think it'd be refreshing for Ash to have a heroine who hates him. :P

I guess we shall see. :)

Holly said...

Oh, and Nath, I didn't think her and Nick had actually done the dirty...What book was that in?

Gabriela said...

Hi C,

It's Gabby! I found your blog. I went to the Kenyon autographing in MD, and I have to agree this book is starting to restore my faith in the series. I am done trying to speculate as to who is this and what will happen b/c the DH world has gotten way too complex for me to remember. I also liked Xypher, who really reminded me of Zarek. So, I'm pretty excited for his book since Z is my fave DH.

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

Yeah, I would need to re-read too for the nuances and 'hints'.

Holly - I dunno... I kinda think Ash has been tortured enough by life and needs a gentler touch. I see him with someone soft and maternal/loving that would fight like a mama-tiger for those she loves. Yes, all the women WANT Ash but really he's one of the lonliest characters because he carries so much weight and knowledge on his shoulders alone. Having someone softer that isn't really a fighter would be a counterbalance to the harsh world of the Dark-hunters.

nath said...

hey Holly :D

I'm pretty sure that Nick and Satara did do the dirty... hmmm, i think it was Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn's book)... and what I don't understand is how Ash can have a "twin" brother... you know, Styxx or however his name is spelled... he appeared in Night Embrace if I remember correctly (Talon's story).

Anonymous said...
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