Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome to blogland

So what makes this reviewer blog different from all the others out there? Nothing. Why did I start it? Well, for several reasons. First reason, I have the most boring job in the history of boring jobs. Working in I/T as a 'Systems Analyst I' supporting accounting software is far from being an exciting job. Needless to say, I have enough time on my hands. Second reason, I'm a follower. Why lead when you can follow? No really, I've been reviewing on amazon for years and just decided that it was time to be a little more creative. After all, I've got the time. Just never really had the desire to do so before now. Third reason, I love reading. I love recommending new authors to my reading friends. There are so many good authors out there that don't get the reader credit they deserve. I'm here to help give it to them. Fourth reason, peer pressure.

So bear with me as I explore blogland and get my blog looking all cool and stuff. *g*


Holly said...


I'm so glad you started this blog. :)

Casee said...

LOL. You may be the only one. ;)

Rowena said...


WELCOME TO BLOGLAND!!! I'm telling you right now, blogging will become very addictive and still you'll love it!!! I'm glad you started up this blog because well, Holly always has great books to pimp thanks to...YOU!

So I'm adding your link to my sidebar and I'll pimp you out and we'll get you some readers, alrighty?



Holly said...

Dang, settle down now, Ween. LOLOL J/K

See, I'm not the only one Case. haha

Kristie (J) said...

While I'm sorry to see you have such a boring job :( - I am glad that you have joined the romance blogging world as a result!!!
Another reader blog - Yippee for us :-)

And say - have you ever read Dreaming of You?

(heh heh)

Marg said...

Gee Kristie doesn't waste any time does she!!

Welcome to Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogland. I pimped you. lol

Lori said...

Welcome to blogland! Holly pimped you to me. Does that make you her whore? Or me your John?... er... Jane? So far, I agree with your two reviews wholeheartedly :)

Karen Scott said...

Welcome to Blogland Casee!

Holly said...

She's SO my whore. haha

You don't waste any time, do you?