Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Author Pimp: Farrah Rochon

No review today. Freakin' A. I'm reading Demon Moon and am almost done. I had to sit at my desk and sneak a few pages in this morning. That's the good thing about coming in at 7. No one else is here.

So since I have no review, I'm going to do an author spotlight. I thought about doing it yesterday, but I'll do them on Tuesdays. I doubt I'll do spotlights on authors like Linda Howard or Susan Elizabeth Phillips. We know and love them. I want to introduce new authors. Or at least new to me authors who I want to pimp. *g*

Farrah Rochon is not only a great author who is well on her way to a successful writing career, she is also a friend of mine. Deliver Me debuted in late February.

From the back cover:


Monica Gardner is starting over. The brokenhearted St. Louis native has nothing left at home any longer: her future is being an ER doctor at a New Orleans hospital. Her first day makes for a bumpy start as she continually runs into handsome but irascible Dr. Elijah Holmes--a man who could make her change her mind about finding true love.


For years, Dr. Eli Holmes has been living up to his own high expectations--and is burning himself out in the process. The only time this "Super Doc" ob-gyn slows down is to notice the beautiful eyes of a newcomer, Dr. Gardner. He's pleased to know that she's more than just a pretty face, she's also an ace physician. When they work together, sparks fly. But with both Monica and Eli trying to hard not to fall in love, they realize they can't resist this affair of the heart.

A small warning: this is not a "dark" book. While the cover certainly implies a certain "darkness", this is actually a light read. There is substantial humor between Eli and Monica, as well as between Eli and his family. Farrah plans on writing the story of Eli's brothers, who were both very intriguing in Deliver Me. The secondary story between a patient of Eli's and her husband is also very good.

You can read an excerpt of Deliver Me here. Visit Farrah's blog here. Oh and she's going to be at RWA in Dallas, too. So visit her if you're going!


Rosie said...

Casee, I'm just catching up with my blogroll and read about your review blog at Book Binge.

I'm always happy to welcome another reader reviewer...I find some of the best books that way!

Nice to meet you and the reviews look great.

Rosie said...
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Karen W. said...

I recently bought DELIVER ME and look forward to reading it. :-)

Rowena said...

Cool! Holly read her book back a few months before, so yeah this is a book I'll have to check out!

Casee said...

Thanks for the welcome, Rosie. :)

Rowena girl, you should have taken it when you "borrowed" all her books over the weekend. *g*

Kris said...

This is a new to me author, thanks. I will have to look for her stuff. :)

Rowena said...

I don't remember seeing this but you can bet the next time I go to her house, I'm stealing it! LOL.

Holly said...

Crap in the face, you're not invited back to my house anytime soon. I won't have any darn books left. lol

Rowena said...

Yeah right, you love me too much to keep me away....I bring laughter into your life, remember Holly sweets? LOL

Farrah Rochon said...

I had no idea you were blogging, Casee! Very cool!

Thanks for "pimping" me. :)